(No shade on #teamnatural…But I’m not here for that.)

I was not blessed with long or even thick hair of my own.  Matter of fact most of the women in my family have very thin hair.  I’ve tried every product under the sun, but nothing worked.  I wore my hair in that short Rhianna cut for a while and although it was cute, that sh#& required a lot of maintenance, and going to the salon, and sleeping cute, and sitting under one of those hot ass dryers for like 32 hours.

So in 2012 I was like “nahhh I’m done”. I gave genetics the middle finger and it’s been a smooth ride ever since!

Now, what I like is options and versatility with my hair.  I can wear 24 inches down my back one day, or a layered bob the next. Or, go hot pink on Friday (ok, not really) to a jet black high bun for work on Monday morning. Whatever the choice, it's pretty much "get up & go"


So starts One80Hair……  You know what a 180 is right?.....A TRANSFORMATION.  And that’s what were here for.  The switch up, the change, the makeover.

We want you to feel like…, when you happen to run into your ex, and your hair is bomb, and you lookin better than you ever looked with him??  Yeah, we want you to feel like that, but everyday tho.


Tell the truth ladies, hair extensions make us feel pretty, confident, and thin! Lol.  Aint nothing like a fresh weave, a pair of heels, and some lipstick.!! It’s like you automatically loose 5 pounds. (at least I do) and somehow you can magically fit into those jeans you haven’t wore since Thanksgiving!


So if you’re like me, and for whatever reason, have no desire to wear your own hair or just want to add some length or volume to what you already got, then you need to try one80hair extensions. This hair is pretty dope!

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