Hi! My name is Kendra, and I'm your guide to hair health & body wealth! I help women Restore the love of their hair & body because for many, these 2 things are tied to happiness & confidence.


​​​​​I'm also a studying herbalist who uses the power of nature for growth & healing. For several years, I dealt with hairloss from wearing wigs, tight hairstyles and most recently chemotherapy.


I was always embarrassed of my thin hairline but I didn't always want to be. 

I tried so many products to regrow my hair but nothing worked. I felt like I would go crazy!

At first I thought my hairloss was permanent and nothing could fix it. But after a year of researching natural ingredients for hair regrowth, I created the natural products for the One80Hair Collection. A blend of herbs & flowers infused in oils to stimulate the scalp and jump start growth. 


Years later, a breast cancer battle changed the way I felt in my body. Although I'm thankful to be alive, chemo left me feeling weak, drained, aged and less confident.

As I slowly began to rebuild my body, I decided to use the opportunity to help other women on a journey to rebuild theirs as well. I use my knowledge and experience to help women love their body and be inspired to make it better.

Hopefully my story, my journey, can help you too.

🧡 Kendra