Pea or a Penny?

"How much oil should I put on my bundles"?

Is a question that we get asked a lot. I typically tell people, a good rule of thumb is .....Use the pea or penny rule.

We all love our oils and serums right? Argan oil, olive oil, baby oil….whatever lol.

But how much should we be using on our weave?

Use the Pea vs Penny rule

if your bundles are under 18” use a Pea size amount

if your bundles are over 18” use a Penny size amount

IMPORTANT! When applying your oils or serums a little goes a long way so you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS always, always, ... start from the bottom and work your way up. Starting at the top makes your bundles look slippery and synthetic. The ends of the hair typically need the most moisture so that’s where you should focus first.

By following this rule you can apply your favorite oil every day if you’d like! Go crayyyyzziiieeee!

Speaking of oils....have you checked out our Nourishing Serum

It's the perfect daily care solution for your bundles as well as your own hair.

It contains hair loving oils that

  • Moisturize & softens hair

  • Gives a subtle glow without looking greasy.

  • Is ideal for dry hair, prevents frizz, brittleness & split ends, retains moisture.

  • Makes hair stronger💪 & healthier

  • Is a great heat protectant.

It comes in a convenient pump bottle, and only 1-2 pumps are needed so no need to worry about using too much. And a little goes a long way, so this bottle will last forever!


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