When is it ok to blow dry my bundles?

The short answer is “never”. However, we don’t always have the 3+ hours that air drying takes.

So, why is blow drying so bad?

Because it’s HOTT!

We typically blow dry because it’s quick. And the reason it’s quick is because it’s HOTT! Too much heat can damage your extensions (very quickly) and cause dryness or split ends. And since most of us use curling irons, wand curlers, flat irons etc on a weekly basis, letting your hair air-dry gives it a break from the extra heat.


While your hair is air drying, apply a small amount of natural oils or leave in conditioner.

Also, you should NEVER go to bed with wet hair.

(Unless you wanna wake up with the “mildew stank”)

If you absolutely can’t allow your bundles to air dry, then follow this


Use the hot setting on the roots and use the cool setting on the ends.

Do you have any time saving hair drying tips? Please comment below!

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